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The purpose of SEOsteps123 is to:
a) provide details on how I can help your website rise to the top of search engine rankings via SEO and Ads; and
b) provide a training course on effective SEO.


See below for details plus links to several Case Study reports – small business sites that I boosted to the top of Google for their target keywords whereas before my work they were on page 3.

SEO Services for Small Business Websites

The notes below summarise the main services I can provide that can make your business more visible to people via search engines like Google and Bing. More detail is provided in the Questions & Answers PDF available below.

Research & Analysis (Audit)

I can identify opportunities to increase the visibility and discoverability of your business online through research of your current web content, by identifying relevant viable keyword search terms and with analysis of top ranking competition sites.

Website Development

I specialise in enhancing websites for superior SEO performance by developing them in WordPress with the popular and flexible DIVI builder-theme. These sites are responsive – they respond and adapt the content for different size viewing screens; ranging from mobile phones to large desktop monitors. The case studies show tremendous ranking improvements after I rebuilt websites that were previously based in Wix or Joomla. Another benefit of Divi is the relative ease of editing the site yourself long-term.

YouTube SEO

I can setup &/or optimise a YouTube channel for your business with content that ranks high for target keyword search terms; making your business much more visible in multiple search engine portals; so your business shows more prominently in searches for websites, images and videos.

Offsite SEO & Backlinks

I can greatly improve the online visibility of your business and raise the rankings of your websites – the main site plus related social media accounts – by increasing the quality and quantity of articles and citations about your business on multiple other websites.  These other sites include business directories, social media accounts and websites for articles and press releases. Most of these can include backlinks to your sites. In combination these factors boost the SEO authority and rankings for your web content.

Graphic Design & Branding

I can increase the visibility of your business in search engine results through optimisation of images &/or videos on your website and on key third-party sites like social media accounts eg. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram etc. I know which ones can produce the best results for you in search engines. The case studies show how I’ve enabled businesses to dominate the image and video search results for target keywords.

Ads on Google, FB & Gumtree & Other Tools

I have Google Ad certification and can review, develop, maintain and enhance Google Ads that quickly raise the profile of your business to the top of Google search results for viable keywords.
I also have considerable experience with advertising campaigns on Facebook and on Gumtree.
I can also assist to enhance the following tools for your business: Google My Business, Google Knowledge Panel, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Website Security

I can assist to boost the security of your website via review and installation of appropriate digital SSL/TSL certificates. I can also advise upon and install relevant hosting features and WordPress plugins that work to protect and backup your site content.

Website Hosting, Speed & Performance

Website speed and performance is increasingly important for SEO rankings and for keeping visitors on your site. I can advise upon, install and maintain features in the website hosting plan (in ‘cPanel’) and the WordPress dashboard so your site has advantages to help it outrank and outperform the competition.

SEO Training

For my website clients I can provide reports that further explain various topics and others that show you how to login and edit your website and also the related accounts that may be created on other sites.
My ultimate intention for this site is to provide a members section with a detailed training course on the steps I follow to boost and even dominate the results in search engines. At present the information is in a range of “work in progress” reports that I intend to convert to video tutorials. It’s the culimination of around 20 years experience and the many useful actions I have picked up from countless training courses and thousands of hours of trial and error and success!

SEO Case Studies

This section contains links to several reports with details on business websites that I have optimised so they rank in the top sections of page 1 Google searches for target keyword search terms; whereas before my work they were relatively lost on pages 2 or 3 or 4.

SEO Case Study 1

Rising 17 & 19 rows to rank at #1 and #2 for the target keyword phrase and in reverse; also dominating results for images and videos.

Sydney Electrolysis
Hair Removal Salon

Thumbnail for SEO Case Study 1 Sydney Electrolysis business

Click that image or blue-link above to see the PDF report. This report contains numerous screenshots of Google search results (‘SERPs’). You can see that prior to my work the site ranked on pages 2 & 3 of Google for the main target keywords. Then as a result of my work the site gradually rose to reach the top slots, ranking at #1 and #2 for the two target keywords.
The site was orginally built in Joomla and hosted in the USA. I rebuilt it in WordPress and moved the hosting to Australia. The business also dominates the searches in Google ‘Images’ and ‘Videos’, as a result of my on-site and off-site SEO work.

SEO Case Study 2

Rising 20+ rows to top rankings on page 1 with 6 listings overall; also dominating results for images and videos.

Sydney Hairdressing Salon

Thumbnail for SEO Case Study 1 Sydney Hairdresser Salon

Click that image or blue-link to see the JPG image file with details. This file contains screenshots of Google search results.
It shows that prior to my work the site began with a listing on page 3 of Google. The site was previously built in Wix and hosted in the USA. I rebuilt it in WordPress and moved the hosting to Australia. As a result of my SEO work the business has obtained 6 listings on page 1 as of early 2020; dominating the search results!
This includes being in the ‘local map 3-pack’ section, also having 3 videos (with their highly visible thumbnail images) and the site lists at row #2 – having risen 22 rows – being just after the YellowPages listing; meaning it’s the highest ranking of the competing business sites.

SEO Questions & Answers

For discussion of the following topics please click to open the PDF report titled
“SEO Questions & Answers”

Note: I am in the process of editing to enhance this report. I expect a new version to be here during late 2023.

Topics covered:

What is SEO?

How Can SEO Help My Business?

How Important is to Rank on Page 1?

What are Keywords?
What are short-tails and long-tails?

What’s a SERP?

Which Search Engines are Worth Focusing On?

What are the Main SEO Ranking Factors?

What is SSL & why is it Important for Rankings?

What are Referring Domains/IPs, Backlinks and Anchors?

What is a Link Tree?

How Important is Site Speed for Rankings?
What Measures Can Improve a Slow Site?

What Content Management System do you Recommend? (to be in new version)

Is SEO’d Video Important for Improving My Web Presence?

Are SEO’d Images Important for Improving My Web Presence? What are “SEO Branded Images”?

How Soon After the SEO Work do Rankings Improve?

What are the Prices for Websites & SEO? (to be in new version)

Who is the Service Provider?

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